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Answering Service.com


Answering Service.com is an Australian-founded company specialising in Virtual phone/receptionist support. The Answering Service.com standard package features a 24/7 live Answering Service. All calls are answered by professional territory local staff, heavily trained in all manners of reception duties.

Virtual receptionists answer calls with client company names, giving the customer the satisfaction of personalized attention and the availability of your business constantly. Inbound calls are transferred to client-dictated numbers and, in the case of being unavailable, messages can be emailed or Texted to a mobile.

Answering Service.com had engaged three specialist SEO agencies prior to Air Arena, and had never once made it to the first page of the Search Engine Results.


Without a solid online presence, Air Arena was tasked with creating an ambitious global digital strategy to support the natural slow growth of the business. Specifically, Air Arena was engaged to execute a sound long-term SEO strategy and supplement that with ongoing SEM activity to drive sign up.


Air Arena started from scratch and built a new website for Answering Service.com in 5 days. The team took into account on-site SEO best-practices from the outset in contrast to other teams which tried to build from the original site infrastructure.

Air Arena also utilized best-practices off-site SEO tactics to improve the website’s ranking, and the website jumped to the number 8 position.

This was the first time that the site had indexed higher than the 2nd SERP.

A further combination of intense on-site and off-site SEO improved the rankings even further, to the number 1 position for the keyword “answering service”. This keyword is highly competitive, with Google reporting 7,640,000 indexed results for this term.


As a result of the implementation of the Air Arena strategy, Answering Service.com has seen success come by way of exposure in the online sphere beyond their expectations. This has led to expansion into new territories and a growing user base. Air Arena continues to work with the Answering Service.com team to optimise landing pages and ensure that online sales convert to paying customers for their business.