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Customer Relationship Management

AirArena Customer Relationship Management System (AA CRM) helps you manage your customer database. It can represent real value to clients by helping to achieve an increase in revenues, an increase in sales or improving customer retention due to an increase in customer satisfaction.

The CRM system co-ordinates:

  • Billing information
  • Transaction history, including billing addresses.
  • Ability to log and report on all e-mails and phone calls - both outgoing and incoming.
  • Allows for the transfer of customer queries between individuals and departments.
  • Can transfer tickets
  • Can escalate tickets
  • Can send cc to other internal staff members

Once a ticket/email enquiry has been sent by a customer, it is automatically directed into the inbox of the appropriate person. So, for example if a technical enquiry is sent by a customer, it will be automatically directed to the inbox of the technical support person with the least number of enquiries to respond to at that point of time.

The system stores all communication between the customer and the staff member(s), including date, time, staff ID and product/service ID. The system can be easily customized to ensure particular data is captured that is relevant to specific client requirements.

Clients that are using the AA CRM include; Atzmi, Get me on Media, Kazaa and Altnet.