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Kazaa is a world-renowned brand. It was established in 2001 originally as a free p2p file sharing application. It grew to be the largest application of its kind with over 60 million users worldwide.

In 2004, Kazaa ceased operating in its capacity as a file sharing application and now in 2008, Kazaa is returning. This time Kazaa enters the market as a music subscription service, offering all-you-can-eat music and ringtone downloads for a monthly fee.

Client Objectives:

AirArena was approached in the early development stage of the Altnet Store - the precursor to the Kazaa Store. We were to design and develop the Altnet storefront, as well as to provide reporting to the record labels, manage all online transactions and execute the online marketing of Altnet. Once all the objectives for Altnet had been met, we were to use our learnings for the launch of the new Kazaa.com website.

  • To create a 100% legal music subscription service, with over a million tracks for users to download
  • To revive the Kazaa brand
  • To re-educate users about the brand and its new format
  • To implement a reliable, flexible payment gateway system
  • Deliver accurate backend reporting systems for the record labels,
  • To provide 2-way communication with customers and a record of customer history
  • To implement reliable reporting systems in relation to sign ups, opt-ins, billing methods, and marketing campaigns

AirArena’s Solution:

AirArena provided a face lift to the look and feel of the Store, making it more user-friendly and ensuring content is easily accessible, whilst ensuring the site is optimized for search engines.

We developed the server infrastructure, designed the databases and implemented the website code to support:

  • the ingestion of content from the record labels into the store,
  • sign up of customers using credit card, LEC and mobile phone billing methods
  • recording and reporting tracks played to the record labels
  • a sophisticated search solution for users to be able to locate the exact content they are looking for.
  • email lists and list management,
  • a customer relationship management system
  • a robust reporting system for user activity, financial reporting and marketing campaign reporting.

AirArena provide continuous quality assurance, with every new feature or enhancement undergoing thorough QA procedures.

We facilitate the monetization of traffic to the Altnet store by monitoring and managing the performance of media purchases via Altnet partners. We oversee and analyze the partner’s performance, ensuring Altnet campaigns are optimized.

AirArena are responsible for driving large volumes of traffic to the Store and converting the traffic to customers using SEO. We develop, manage and implement required SEO strategies as well as a tracking system to monitor and optimize the performance of this traffic.

Successful Outcome:

  • The Altnet store has been successfully operating for the past year.
  • The website is receiving consistently good traffic from our SEO strategies, with it being listed in the second spot on the first page of Google search results for the highly competitive search term “download music”.
  • The website is receiving on average 4000 hits/day
  • Our payment gateway is stable and we are successfully handling LEC and credit card transactions
  • We are successfully reporting to the labels
  • We have tested a number of marketing campaigns and managed to monitor and report on performance such that we are familiar with what works and what doesn’t
  • The email list database has grown to over 1 million subscribers in just over a year.

Having achieved these positive results on the Altnet website, we have just launched the Kazaa.com website…stay tuned for further results.