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Payment Gateway

In the ever growing and competitive world of online business transactions, it has become necessary to facilitate the acceptance of multiple payment methods from customers using a single payment platform. The Air Arena Payment Gateway (the AAPG) is such an application; capable of managing electronic payments through various mediums, including Credit Card and LEC (Local Exchange Carrier). A LEC Payment is a method of billing a customer on their home telephone bill. Future developments of the AAPG will see other electronic payment mediums being enabled, including Mobile Phone and Electronic Cheque.

Whether a single payment is to be made, or multiple, scheduled payments, the payment gateway system is able to route the request to the appropriate payment gateway provider with the required data using the protocols defined by the specific gateway.

The payment platform is designed to calculate and schedule billing. It interfaces with various payment gateways and processors including credit card and LEC, allowing clients to : -

  • Schedule one-off and recurring payments.
  • Communicate with client software to determine who, when, how much and how to bill.
  • Communicate with client software as to the status of transactions and determine appropriate action as defined by client’s software rules, (e.g. if transaction fails, send email to customer, etc).

The AirArena Payment Gateway deals with different price points and different currencies, so clients are able to charge different prices for the one product depending on the currency.

The AAPG allows for a seamless method of charging customers for a product or service using a single solution.

Client applications that make use of the AA Payment Gateway are typically websites but could be any kind of application which takes or manages electronic payments. Current implementations include Altnet.com, Kazaa.com, GetMeOnMedia.com and Atzmi.com.