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Topodia is a search engine that allows users to specify a few example documents as a query in order to find additional similar documents. It works by extracting terms from the example documents, using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and then uses those terms as queries in any search engine for finding similar documents.

Topodia was developed for users who want to build a collection of documents on a given topic, for example finding web pages, research papers, or patents on a topic of interest.

Topodia stores documents and topics generated by different users, thus supporting sharing of search results.


AirArena was approached to design the user interface and develop the website component of Topodia, with particular attention to implementing SEO initiatives.


As a primary requirement was to ensure a user centric approach, the interface was designed with the target market in mind, keeping it fairly clean, easy to navigate, with clear calls to action and specific paths forward and back.

Most current search technology assumes that a user is searching for a single document, rather than trying to build a collection of documents. This leads to a particular user interface and search strategy. Topodia’s design approach caters for the grouping of documents within topics and allows users to navigate between these groups of documents as well between individual documents.

We are in the process of employing some SEO strategies, the results of which we will be able to report on, as the product moves in to public beta stage.


Topodia is currently in Private Beta mode. Additional testing and updates are continually being made. We will keep you posted, as the project unfolds!